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Year Three/Four

Welcome to Year 3-4!

Meet the Staff


Mrs Catalano - Class Teacher

Mrs Harvey-Oates - Teaching Assistant



Our Class Saint





St William of Perth




Practically most that is known of William comes from the Nova Legenda Anglie, and that is little. He was born in Perth, at that time one of the principal towns of Scotland. In youth, he had been somewhat wild, but on reaching manhood, he devoted himself wholly to the service of God. A baker by trade (some sources say he was a fisherman), he was accustomed to setting aside every tenth loaf for the poor.


He went to Mass daily, early one morning he was walking to his bakery as he passed St John’s Church he saw a wicker basket lying in the doorway.  Upon inspection, he saw that the basket contained a sleeping baby. William gently picked up this basket and took it to the warmth of his bakery. As he worked, he thought about this baby, it was clearly abandoned, he then decided as he had no children and was financially secure he could bring this child up as if it were his own. 


William was canonised by Pope Alexander IV in 1256 and became St William of Perth, he is the patron saint of adopted children. 


Feast Day - Sunday 23rd May. We will celebrate this in school on Monday 24th May.

Class Text



Sid, Peggy and Amy adore the two gerbils, Bubble and Squeak, but their mother detests them. A major family battle results, and it's clear life is never going to be quite the same again. But after a near fatal encounter between Bubble and Ginger the cat, Mrs Sparrow begins to see that life with 2 gerbils might not be so bad after all.





Children will know that the Ascension reminds Christians of the promise of Christ to remain always with them.


Children will be able to recall parts of the Resurrection story from some of the Gospels.



Gospel, Easter, Thomas, disciple, Mary Magdalene, Ascension



  • Daily Maths and Literacy set each day
  • Two pieces of homework (Maths or English plus one foundation subject) will be handed out on a Thursday and should be completed and handed in on the following Monday.
  • Spellings and Times tables are tested on a Friday




  • In the garden try to run over a long distance
  • Sprint over a short distance
  • Throw in different ways
  • Hit a target
  • Jump in different ways
  • Use your maths skills by timing yourself and try to improve it each time!!

Year 3/4 P.E. at Home

For more information on what we will be looking at across the curriculum in Summer 1 please see the information sheet below.


Our Creative Day theme this year was Ancient Eygpt!

We`ve all had a lot of fun learning about the digestive system in our science lessons!

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