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Mrs Stonier – Class Teacher

Mrs Clewes - Class Teacher

Mrs Bates – Teaching Assistant


Our Class Saint




St. Teresa of Lisieux



KS1 looked at the lives of many saints, but chose Saint Therese as their class saint.

Saint Therese was born on the 2nd January 1873, she loved flowers and saw herself as ‘The Little Flower’ of Jesus who gave glory to God by just being herself. St Therese famously said “What matters is not great deeds but great love.”

To many St Therese was seen as an ordinary person but she teaches us to do the ordinary things in life with extraordinary love… a smile, saying thank you, etc.

St Therese lived a simple life and from a very young age God became the central focus of her life, loving God and showing his love in the simplest of ways. At the age of 15, St Therese became a nun and devoted her life to God. She suffered a lot during her life and died at the age of 24 from Tuberculosis. She liked to keep things simple and her way teaches us that God is everywhere in every situation and in every moment.




Curriculum Information Sheet - Summer 1

The children in KS1 have had fun creating bowls & plates in Art & DT