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(Additional guidance per year group below)


Know how to ask simple scientific questions


Know how to use simple equipment to make observations


Know how to carry out simple tests


Know how to identify and classify things


Know how to explain to others what I have found out


Know how to use simple data to answer questions



Know how to ask relevant Scientific questions


Know how to use observations and knowledge to answer scientific questions


Know how to set up a simple enquiry to explore a scientific question


Know how to set up a test to compare two things


Know how to set up a fair test and explain why it is fair


Make careful and accurate observations, including the use of standard units


Know how to use equipment, including thermometers and data loggers to make measurements

Gather, record, classify and present data in different ways to answer scientific questions


Know how to use diagrams, keys, bar charts and tables; using scientific language


Know how to use findings of a report in different ways, including oral and written explanations, presentations.


Know how to draw conclusions and suggest improvements


Know how to make a prediction with a reason


Know how to identify differences, similarities and changes related to an enquiry


Know how to plan different types of scientific enquiry


Know how to control variables in an experiment


Know how to measure accurately and precisely using a range of equipment


Know how to record data and results using scientific diagrams and labels, classification keys, tables, scatter graphs, bar and line graphs


Know how to use the outcome of test results to make predictions and set up further comparative and fair tests


Know how to report findings from enquiries in a range of ways


Know how to explain a conclusion from an enquiry

Know how to explain causal relationships in an enquiry


Know how to relate the outcome of an enquiry to scientific knowledge in order to state whether evidence supports or refutes and argument or theory


Read, spell and pronounce scientific vocabulary accurately