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Swimming Lessons



All pupils from Reception to Year 6 have the opportunity for swimming lessons for half a term. Swimming is part of our school curriculum. Due to this all children must participate in swimming lessons. If a child is well enough to attend school then we deem them well enough to attend swimming. The only exceptions to this would be if we were to receive a note from a doctor, an ear infection or the child is unable to attend due to an injury which means they are unable to participate.




Swim caps must be worn by all pupils

Boys need to wear swimming trunks (not shorts)

Girls need to wear a full swimming costume, (not bikini/tankini etc.)

Swimming goggles must only be worn with written parental consent.

Jewellery – all personal effects must be removed





City Swimming Awards


Beginners Certificate:

Travel 8 meters, (one width) without touching the floor or side.

Submerge under water.


Length Certificate:

Swim 25m continuously and in a confident manner using any stroke with arms and legs continuously.

Jump into deep water.


Elementary Certificate:

Jump into the pool and swim 10m.

Stop and tread water for two minutes, keeping the head and neck clear of the water, and then swim to the side.

Swim continuously for 25m using a recognised prone stroke, front crawl to be with side breathing and the face in the water.

Swim continuously for 25m on the back using a recognised supine stroke with a continuous arm action.


Proficiency Certificate:

Dressed in pyjamas or trousers and shirt or blouse, long sleeves and legs, perform a "Straddle" jump entry into the pool and swim continuously for 50m using any stroke or strokes.

Climb out of the pool, at full reach depth, and remove clothing.

Surface dive, from swimming, retrieve, carry and land an object having swum with it, on the back preferably with lifesaving leg kick, for a distance of not less than 8m.

Jump into the water and tread water for one minute with both arms behind the back and a further two minutes using both arms and legs and.

Swim continuously for 100m using two different strokes with a minimum of 25m on any of the strokes. Strokes should comply with ASA Laws where applicable.

Swimming Timetable 2021/22


Swimming sessions are held at New Horizons on Fridays


Autumn Term

20th September-22nd October - Year 1 & 2

1st November-3rd December - Year 2 & Reception


Swimming sessions are held at Fenton Manor on Tuesdays


Spring Term

17th January-18th February - Year 3

28th February-1st April - Year 5


Swimming sessions are held at New Horizons on Fridays

Summer Term


2nd May-27th May - Year 4

6th June-15th July  - Year 6



Year 6 - End of Phase Swimming 2018/19