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Physical Education Curriculum at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy




At OLOG the aim of P.E is to inspire our children to love living a healthy life. We want our children to develop a deep knowledge and a range of skills, enabling them to sustain and enjoy a positive, active lifestyle. We will teach the key Concepts of Movement, Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Co-operation, Competition, Sequence, Health, Fitness, Fairness and Respect. Through teaching these concepts all children at OLOG will hopefully develop a broad range of skills and a love of being active!



All children at OLOG will benefit from a broad, deep and progressive P.E curriculum.

In the early years our children will start to develop the FUNdamentals of movement whilst participating in lessons with a theme which mirrors their classroom topic. This enables the children to develop their physical literacy whilst embedding the learning achieved in the classroom.


In KS1 the Physical Education curriculum changes to an activity specific focus. Children learn how the body changes during exercise whilst further developing the FUNdamentals of movement (Jog, Sprint, Jump, Hop, Weight on Hands, Balance & Co-ordination). Through the effective teaching of Physical Education, a quality and varied extra-curricular offer and structured play during lunch times, children will be competent in the FUNdamentals of movement at the completion of Key Stage 1.


In KS2 the P.E becomes both broad and deep. Children develop their Key Concepts through a variety of ‘vehicles’, all teaching staff receive 1 to 1 CPD with the Collegiate P.E Specialist Mr. Sigley. This enables the children at OLOG to develop their knowledge, understanding and performance in P.E through activities such as Handball, Parkour, Health Related Exercise, Tag Rugby, Dance, Football, Athletics, Basketball, Gymnastics, High 5 Netball and many more.



Children at OLOG will develop a broad range of skills in a variety of activities. A deep understanding of how the human body works and the importance of exercise and hopefully find at least one form of physical activity that they love and will pursue for the rest of their life.     


At Our Lady of Grace our children are taught an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum - we use some of these activities to progress our Physical Education.

Year 6 - End of Phase Swimming

Please see below a brochure highlighting some of the range of sporting activities available in our area.

Active Newsletter - Spring 2