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The SHARP System

The SHARP System


We have introduced the children to an online system called SHARP (Student Help Advice Reporting Page System). This allows children to report any concerns that they may have at school or home by name or anonymously and without fear.


SHARP is identified by our school badge, together with a photograph of a member of staff who is trusted and well known within the school. For Our Lady of Grace this person is Mrs Scarlett.

The system is web based and so can be accessed at home as well as in school, it promotes e-safety and provides an additional route through which children may access help and support.


There are many reasons why children decide not to talk about things that might be concerning them.

Often speaking to someone face to face can be daunting, some children may not have the confidence to do this or feel scared.

Peer pressure or worrying in case someone sees them speaking to a member of staff can also be factors.


Please access the SHARP system via the link below.

Children`s Anti Bullying Leaflet