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Monday 30th March 2020

Hi children!!!

Myself and Mrs Harvey-Oates miss you all soooo much!! I am so glad that I put
our World Book Photograph as a screen saver on my laptop as I open it and feel
instantly cheered up at the sight of all your lovely faces greeting me with your
beautiful smiles!!

I know that you have all been working at home really hard this week keep it up!!
I know things are a little bit different with our learning at the moment but you
all know that you can email me and talk to me just like in class I am here for you.

So the LBQ will stay the same this week with a Maths, English and Science
lesson set each day for you to complete don’t forget as discussed in class this
has to be completed within the time that I set which is one day. Additionally we
now have the My Maths. To complete these challenges, again online, you will
need your log in details (which you should all have received now) these
challenges are a little different as there is no time restriction on them so just
work through them at your own pace. Let me know what you think of it!!


Children with your reading I would like to for 20 minutes every day you can read
one of your own books, your school reading book or if you follow the link below it
will take you to Oxford Reading Owl it is free to register (ask a grown up to
help you) here you will find lots of books to read including EBooks and there are
also some story telling videos to enjoy too.

Also ask your parents to sign up to Love Reading 4 Kids –It’s free.
( You can read many extracts and
recommend them to others. Let everyone know what you have enjoyed.

Birthdays- Happy Birthday to Frances, Julia and Elijah hope you all have lovely
birthdays know that we are all thinking of you!!


Next week I would like you to try and complete the following challenges.

1. Design a poster encouraging people to STAY AT HOME (include things
that you can do to keep busy)

2. Complete one of the PE with Jo Wicks sessions (9am every morning-
Youtube channel). Try to get your parents to join in!

  1. -colour-by-multiplication-activity-activity-sheet- (1) pdf
  2. healthy-eating-meal-plan-year-3-whole-class-guided-reading (1) pdf
  3. telling-time-5mins (1) pdf
  4. year-3-and-4-correct-the-spelling-mistakes-activity-sheet pdf
  5. computing-task-1-hl pdf
  6. design-a-poster-encouraging-people-to-stay-at-home pdf
  7. differentiated-reading-comprehension-sound-waves pdf
  8. true-or-false-number-statements-up-to-20 pdf
  9. correct-the-sentence-punctuation-activity-sheets pdf
  10. book-review-template pdf
  11. -colour-by-multiplication-activity-activity-sheet- pdf
  12. easter-bonnet-competition-y2gd-y3ex-y4em-carousel-guided-reading-pack-new-nc pdf
  13. -easter-comic-strip- pdf
  14. english-task pdf
  15. first-100-high-frequency-words-handwriting-activity-sheets- pdf
  16. first-100-high-frequency-words-handwriting-activity-sheets- (1) pdf
  17. healthy-eating-meal-plan-year-3-whole-class-guided-reading pdf
  18. heavenly-hot-cross-buns-y3gd-y4ex-y5em-carousel-guided-reading-pack pdf
  19. investigating_doubling_and_halving pdf
  20. ks2-french-u1-worksheet-1.15-numbers pdf
  21. ks2-french-u1-worksheet-1.15-numbers (1) pdf
  22. multiplication-wheels-activity-sheet- pdf
  23. multiplication-wheels-activity-sheet- (1) pdf
  24. octopus_multiples pdf
  25. pet-care-of-a-cat-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity pdf
  26. pet-care-of-a-cat-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity (1) pdf
  27. questions pdf
  28. reading-comprehension-sound-waves pdf
  29. telling-time-5mins pdf
  30. using_multiplication_facts_to_solve_division_questions pdf
  31. y3-and-4-science-and-geography pdf
  32. y3-and-4-science-and-geography (1) pdf
  33. -year-3-and-4-correct-the-spelling-mistakes-activity-sheet-pack pdf
  34. year-3-spring-block-2-step-2-vf-converting-pounds-and-pence pdf
  35. year-4-summer-block-2-step-2-vf-ordering-money pdf