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Monday 30th March 2020

Hello boys and girls!

I hope you have enjoyed your first week at home with your families and I wanted to let you know that Mrs Stonier, Mrs Bates and I are thinking of you all.

We know that some of you have celebrated your birthday recently. Happy birthday to Orla who celebrated her birthday on the 21st and we know that Kandice and Filip celebrated their birthdays on the 28th March too. Happy birthday to all three of you and we hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your families.

We know you have all been working hard and we hope you have enjoyed completing the activities that we have set you. I’m sure it must feel very strange not being able to go to school and I imagine lots of you are missing your friends, but we are very proud of you all and how you are adjusting to being at home. Remember that if you are unsure of anything then you can email me, or Mrs Stonier and we will help you just like we would in class.

As well as the learning challenges that we have uploaded this week, please try to continue to read your school reading book or a suitable book of your own each day. A few pages are enough, but it is important that you continue to read daily and don’t forget to ask mum and dad to share a story with you too when they get time. There is a great website where you will find lots of books to read including EBooks and there are also some story telling videos to enjoy too. If you follow the link below it will take you to Oxford Reading Owl and it is free to register.

Try to spend 15 minutes each day practising your phonics too. Your mum and dad can log onto the website we use in class and you can play all the games that we play in school. You can teach them how to play buried treasure and you can complete lots of reading and spelling activities too. The link below will take you to phonics play and it is free to join. Mrs Stonier sent you the details last week but here they are again.

username:phonics20            password:home

As well as completing your learning tasks we really hope that you are having lots of fun. Remember to stay safe and to be good for your mums and dads too. I am sure that you are all being very well behaved just like we would expect you to be in class but remember that this is a challenging time for your mums, dads, brothers and sisters too and we all need to work together.

We will be thinking of you and your families this week and we will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

Take care, God bless

Mrs Clewes, Mrs Stonier and Mrs Bates xxx