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Monday 27th April 2020

Hello boys and girls,

I hope you are all keeping well and have enjoyed getting back to work after the Easter holidays. It has been so lovely to speak to most of you over the phone this week and to hear that you are all working hard and adapting to school work at home. Well done and keep it up :)

Last week in maths I set work for you to learn how to tell the time. This is a great life skill that you will use every day of your life so it’s great to work hard on it now.

 I have loved seeing some of your work on time and I just thought I would give you a few tips to get your work a little more accurate.

  • When drawing the hands on the clock, remember to draw the minute hand longer than the hour hand so that it is really clear which one is which. (You could even do it in different colours to help you like the example below.)
  • When you are showing half past the hour on your clocks, remember that means the minute hand has moved exactly half way around the clock so you hour hand should be exactly half way between the numbers.

I know it can be a little bit fiddly but it is worth to try to get it correct before moving onto the next stage.

This week Year 2 are moving onto quarter past and quarter to which means even more carefully positioning as the hour hand will need to move a quarter past the hour number or 3 quarters if you are showing quarter to the hour. (I hope this makes sense)

This video may help you

Also please done worry if some of the work is too difficult for some of you, you can go onto the Year 1 work and that may be more appropriate. We all have different strengths and talents J

For literacy this week, year 2 have a talk for writing pack which is a really nice booklet to talk you through writing your own story in the style of another story.

Year 1, I have send you an example of how to write a letter and which is required. (Don’t worry about all of the elements)

I would like you to look at the example and then have a go at writing a letter of your own. It could be to a member of your family to one of your teachers. It’s a nice way for you to communicate during these unusual times.

You can find a lot of stories that are read to you on Youtube so you would like to hear parts of the story again. This must be done with an adult though to ensure that you are safe online. Remember all of the work we did on online safety!

We are also going to have some of our favourite books displayed outside the classroom to show visitors what we have been reading so I would like you to complete a book review of a book that we have read in class or one that you particular enjoy at home. I would like to put some of these on display with the books so it would be great if these could be scanned in or a photograph could be taken. I have attached a few examples of book reviews so have a look and choose which one you like.

I know you are all enjoying learning about Florence Nightingale and it is so lovely to see a lot of you are making links to the new hospitals that have been built recently and celebrating all of the amazing work that the NHS are doing to keep us all as safe and well as possible.

Remember to keep exploring stories that you can find on Oxford Owl

There are also some stories read to you at

We are always available via email for any support or help you might need.

Please stay in touch as we love to hear how you are getting on.

You are always in our prayers, lots of love

Mrs Stonier and Mrs Clewes