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Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello everyone in Year 5 & 6!

I hope this little letter finds you all well and you all treated your mother’s extra specially this weekend where possible!

I know this is a little strange at the moment, but both Miss Kealey and myself wanted to tell you just how proud we are of every single one of you for how you coped and handled yourselves last week and throughout this period of uncertainty; we could not be more proud of you.

Every week, I’m going to send out a letter to you, checking up on you and giving you any directions you need for the work I’ve set on the website. Each Monday morning, the work for the week that we have set for you will go live on the website for you to do. You can download it and leave it on the screen, writing the answers in your exercise books; you really don’t need to print it all off – that’s a lot of paper! For this week, I understand that Year 6’s pack has a some Test Papers and that is obviously slightly irrelevant in the current climate, but practice will ensure that you don’t forget what we have already learned – use them as revision, it will help trust me!

As well as this, each day you will get questions in Maths, SPAG and Reading on the Lesson by Questions site that we looked at in the last week; . To log in, simply click connect as pupil on the home screen and type in the 3 digit code. This code will come to parents directly every morning via text, one code for Year 5 and one for Year 6. Please don’t panic Year 6 if it says Welcome to Mrs. Mortimer’s class, you are in the right place. You can complete these on Laptops, Tablets and on Phones.

Make sure you give yourselves time for everything guys. Give yourself time to complete the work and to be active, don’t just spend the time gaming – some of you are too good at Fortnite as it is, you absolutely do not need the practice. Ensure you are getting exercise and moving about; may I suggest the Joe Wickes PE lessons on Youtube, a 30 minute getting active series?

Most importantly Year 5 & 6, make sure you continue to wash your hands at regular intervals, for 20 seconds at a time (you don’t have to sing Happy Birthday out loud if you don’t want to, I know it can be embarrassing!) and stay in contact with one another.

I hope you have a lovely birthday on Tuesday Ebony, but don’t think that gets you out of giving me and Miss Kealey sweets, we will be waiting…

We’ll write another letter next week everyone! Thank you,

Mr. Goodwin and Miss Kealey