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Monday 20th April 2020

Hi Children,

I hope that you and your families are well and keeping safe. I hope you all had a great Easter and managed to join Father Julian in one of his special on-line Homilies giving us a super opportunity to join in such important celebrations.

How did you get on with the Easter Gardens? I’d love to see/ hear about them.

The learning pack this week is full of activities to keep you all busy some of the tasks are big so don’t worry about choosing two or three of them to complete. I will also include the answers for some of the tasks in next week’s learning pack. We celebrate St George’s Day on Thursday so I have given you a whole day of tasks linked to this special day. Florence also celebrates her birthday on this day too!! So a big Happy Birthday is sent from all of us to you have a great day!!!

I have also included some Key Worker colouring posters, which I thought you might enjoy decorating. With permission maybe, you could display them in your homes for some of the key workers to see to remind them how much we appreciate all that they are doing to keep us safe.

Remember also that daily homework will be accessible through the LBQ and My Maths learning sites.

Keep reading for at least 20 minutes a day!!  Still missing you all!!

Take care

Mrs Catalano, Mrs Harvey-Oates and Mrs Paskin

  1. sight-and-sound-writing-prompts-activity-sheets (1) pdf
  2. triptych-art-re (1) pdf
  3. year-3-spring-maths-activity-booklet-answers pdf
  4. year-3-spring-maths-activity-booklet pdf
  5. bible-switch-challenge-middle-ability pdf
  6. covid-19time-capsule (1) pdf
  7. nutrition-diary-home-learning-task pdf
  8. year-3-spring-1-activity-mat-1 pdf
  9. fiction-reading-revision-mat pdf
  10. 9xtables-tests pdf
  11. answers-english-for-wednesday-and-thursday pdf
  12. bible-switch-challenge- pdf
  13. -capitals-and-countries-activity-sheet- pdf
  14. -capitals-and-countries-activity-sheet- (1) pdf
  15. covid-19time-capsule pdf
  16. english pdf
  17. first-news pdf
  18. lks2-st-georges-day-multiplication-tables-and-division-facts-maths-mosaic-activity-sheet-english pdf
  19. lks2-st-georges-day-multiplication-tables-and-division-facts-maths-mosaic-activity-sheet-english (1) pdf
  20. my-sacred-thing-argument- pdf
  21. my-sacred-thing-argument-activity-sheet- pdf
  22. -new-thank-you-key-workers-colouring-posters pdf
  23. -new-thank-you-key-workers-colouring-posters (1) pdf
  24. non-fiction-revision-mat pdf
  25. -perfect-passwords-activity-sheet-computing pdf
  26. -perfect-passwords-activity-sheet-computing (1) pdf
  27. sight-and-sound-writing-prompts-activity-sheets pdf
  28. sound-word-search pdf
  29. -st-georges-day-design-a-dragon-activity-sheets pdf
  30. -st-georges-day-design-a-dragon-activity-sheets (1) pdf
  31. st-georges-day-reading-comprehension-pack-differentiated pdf
  32. st-georges-day-reading-comprehension-pack-differentiated (1) pdf
  33. -st-georges-day-word-search- pdf
  34. the-mystery-of-the-missing-horse pdf
  35. -the-mystery-of-the-missing-shield-maths-mystery-game-english pdf
  36. -the-mystery-of-the-missing-shield-maths-mystery-game-english (1) pdf
  37. -times-table-games pdf
  38. triptych-art-re pdf
  39. t-t-198-design-your-own-personal-coat-of-arms-_ pdf
  40. t-t-198-design-your-own-personal-coat-of-arms-_ (1) pdf
  41. t-tp-2549682-nhs-rainbow-window-poster pdf
  42. t-tp-2549682-nhs-rainbow-window-poster (1) pdf
  43. what-does-happiness-look-like-sound-like-feel-like-activity-sheet-english pdf
  44. y4-home-learning-booklet pdf
  45. year-3-english-grammar-and-punctuation-test-1 pdf
  46. year-3-spring-1-activity-mat-2 pdf
  47. year-4-maths-number-and-place-value-workbook pdf