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Monday 20th April 2020

Happy Easter boys and girls!

We hope that you have enjoyed the Easter holidays and hope that the Easter bunny has brought you lots of delicious Easter eggs! We have been thinking of you and your families and despite having to remain at home, we hope that you have been enjoying spending time together and most of all, you have been having fun!

We know some of you will be missing your friends and this week we would normally be back at school ready to start the Summer Term. Mrs Stonier and I have planned some activities to keep you busy this week and we hope that you enjoyed the Easter craft activities that we planned for you over the holidays. I even saw some of Kieran’s and Lilly’s work displayed on-line!

It was Ella’s birthday on the 16th April, we hope you had a lovely day celebrating with your family and you had lots of presents and lots of fun. I am sure mummy and daddy made it incredibly special. It was my little boys’ birthday on that day too, he was 4, so we were celebrating also!

The topics for this half term are:

Science-Living things and their habitats

History-Significant person from the past


(Geography will be the focus for next half term, for more information, please see the half termly overview that is on the website.)

For History, I have chosen Florence Nightingale as the significant person from the past as I thought that this links in well to what is happening in the world now. There are some good videos about Florence Nightingale on-line and they will give you lots of information. Some good videos to watch are as follows:

The focus for this week’s science is Alive and Not Alive and some useful links for this week’s activities are:

For PSHE this week I have attached a book especially made for children to explain about the Coronavirus. I thought it would be nice to share with your family.

We are enormously proud of you all and how you are coping being at home and we have enjoyed seeing some of the work that you have been producing. Please remember that if you are unsure of anything then you can email me, or Mrs Stonier and we will help you just like we would in class.

We are still in the liturgical season of Easter and we celebrate the risen Lord and we are reminded of the appearances that Jesus made to many of his friends before ascending back to his Father in heaven. This time in the Church calendar gives Christians hope and we will continue to pray for you and your families this week and for all the people who have been affected by the Coronavirus.

Take care, stay home, stay safe.

God bless

Mrs Clewes, Mrs Stonier and Mrs Bates xxx