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Monday 1st June 2020

Good Morning Year 3 & 4!

It is week 1 of our second summer half term! I very much hope that you have all had a fantastic half term and you have been doing lots of fun activities enjoying the lovely weather we have been blessed with. The same weather looks set to continue this week, so in between the fun activities that Mrs. Catalano has set for this week, you will still be able to get outside and enjoy your time as a family.

Like last half term, you have five English tasks that are accompanied by a PowerPoint, giving you instructions on how to complete them. You also have the usual PowerPoint for your Math’s tasks for each day to help you with anything you might have forgotten, or anything that may be new or challenging learning.

This week, a PowerPoint is included for Science, History and Art whilst the tasks for French, R.E., Computing, Music and PHSE can be completed independently.

As I said before, the weather has been absolutely wonderful over the past week and I am sure you have been doing lots of wonderful things.

I am sure that you have all been keeping active at home.  I hope that you have continued P.E. with Joe Wicks. If you want to try any extra activities that are not formally based around a sport or exercise, it is perfectly acceptable to count playing in the garden with your family as exercise as long as it gets your heart rate up.  

I must still express a massive “thank you” to you all for sending work in for myself to look at it is wonderful to see how well you are all doing at home.  If there is anything you are particularly proud of, work or otherwise, please do send this to me via email!  

Myself, Mrs. Harvey-Oates and Mrs. Paskin do miss you very much, but we have started to look to the future now as things begin to get back to normal. We have been away from school now for a while and I am sure we are closer to getting back to school than we have ever been.  

If there is anything else that you might need more support with, please ask your mummies and daddies to let me know.

Keep on shining, Year 3 and 4. We are nearly there.  

God Bless, Year 3 and 4.

Mrs. Catalano, Mrs. Harvey-Oates and Mrs. Paskin