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Monday 18th May 2020

Hello children,

I hope you are all safe and well! I can’t believe it is the last week of term. The weeks are really flying by and hopefully we will be back at school again soon when it is safe to do so!

It’s been lovely again this week to see photographs of you all involved in lots of different activities such as baking, exercising, painting, drawing and I know many of you have been helping your mums and dads and brothers and sisters too. During this time, it is important to work together and try and find opportunities to see the good in each other and to support and help each other. Small acts of kindness, however small can make such a difference, even a smile can make someone’s day.

At some point this week Mrs. Stonier and I will be ringing you to say hi! We both really loved speaking to you a few weeks ago so we hope that we will be able to speak to as many of you as possible. (I know some of you were a bit shy last time!) Keep working hard, we are all so immensely proud of you all.

Have a blessed week, Mrs Clewes, Mrs Stonier and Mrs Bates