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Monday 15th June 2020

Good Morning Year3 and 4!

As always, you have five English tasks that are accompanied by a PowerPoint, giving you instructions on how to complete them. This week, you have two Reading-inference activities based on our class text and three English Skills based activities to support you in your Big Write. You also have the usual PowerPoint for the LBQ Math’s tasks for each day to help you with anything you might have forgotten, or anything that may be new or challenging learning.

This week, a PowerPoint is included for Science, History, and Art whilst the tasks for French, Computing, Music and PHSE can be completed independently.

 I still make sure that I exercise with Year 1 in the day and when I get home after school. Therefore there is no excuse for any of our amazing class - we should all be continuing to exercise! As I have said many times, you do not have to be practicing a specific sport to be active, you can take part in anything that might get your heart-rate up.  

As always, I must say how proud I am of all the children who have sent work to me via email and I cannot wait to see more of your work - it means so much that you share your work with us.

As I said before, myself and Mrs. Harvey-Oates are back in school looking after the children that have been allowed to return to school. Whilst we are still missing each and every one of you, being back in school has given us hope that we will all be back together again soon. If any of you are missing school and your friends so much that you are struggling, it would be lovely to hear from you in the form of a letter sent to me by email.  

I must stress this again, but if there is anything else that either yourselves or your parents need help with including further support, please do get in contact with me.

Keep on being spectacular, Year 3 and 4. We are nearly there!!! 

Mrs. Catalano and Mrs. Harvey-Oates