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Easter Activities

Hello again Year 5 & 6,

It seems like forever since we spoke, so I just wanted to send you a little letter during this Easter Weekend.


Hopefully, you are getting on with the Easter activities set, and, perhaps most importantly, you are finding time to relax, but also thinking about the true meaning of this weekend. I know we are not in school, but that absolutely should not stop us celebrating this weekend as God intended. If you can, spend a little bit of time on Sunday with family and in prayer, keeping the true meaning of this weekend in your hearts.


In other news, the weather has picked up which means we can spend some time in the garden and the like – I know for example, that Elody is using this time to practice her archery skills, which is frankly terrifying! However, make sure you still remember the rules to keep us all safe, don’t go out of the house and garden unless absolutely imperative and always remember to wash your hands, especially if you come in from the garden looking like Aston did at Alton Castle.


Samuel I hope you had a wonderful birthday and you have managed to have an scooter-injury free few weeks, while Jack, I hope you have an excellent day, and the weather holds for your birthday next Sunday!


I’ll write to you all again next week, Miss Kealey and I miss you all hugely!

Look after yourselves and your families,


A happy and holy Easter weekend to you all,

Mr. Goodwin & Miss Kealey.