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Easter Activities

Hello again year 3 & 4,


I hope that you and your families are well and keeping safe. Thank you for working hard at home, I’ve seen a fantastic homebuilt robot from Noah I was so impressed! Great D & T skills used there, when we are back in school Noah you must bring that in to share with everyone!!


Well children Easter is upon us and as I am sure, we will all be enjoying one or two Easter eggs over the next couple of weeks but let’s also remember the importance of this special time. Please follow the link below and just spend a few minutes of your time watching the video and reflecting on Easter just as we would at school. Also remember we talk a lot at school about the power of prayer and that prayers can be said anywhere and bring you so much closer to God. Try to join Father Julian in his Homilies with your families the details of these were sent out by Mrs Rathbone last week.


This week I have found you some great Easter activities to keep you all busy they include Easter jokes, a recipe booklet,  a dot to dot, design your own Easter Eggs and lots more!! you’ll love them!!


I’ve also included an Easter project for you all to enjoy ‘creating an Easter Garden’ so get out into the garden, be creative and send me your pics!! I’d love to see them!! And I can pass them on to Mrs Harvey-Oates and Mrs Paskin who would love to see them too!!


Keep reading for at least 20 minutes a day!!  Still missing you all!!


Wishing you all a very happy and Holy Easter

God bless,

Mrs Catalano, Mrs Harvey-Oates and Mrs Paskin