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Easter Activities

Dear Parents and children,


I hope you and your family are all well and are having fun spending time together.


Please continue to read every day with your child and practise the words in their word purse. Please continue to share / read together other favourite stories. I want to thank you for supporting us and working hard at home and for all the lovely pictures you have been sending.

Another useful website to use . Once you have signed up (for free) their on line books are amazing. You can choose books that are relevant to their book band. 

Please let me know what books you are reading. Let me know your favourite place to read at home: in the garden, in bed, etc. Try reading in a more unusual place, what about in the bath or under the dining room table? Please send in your photos to my email!


Here are some of the ideas you could do over the Easter Holidays:


  • Make an Easter Bonnet (photos warmly welcomed)
  • Make chocolate Easter nests (cornflakes, melted chocolate and mini eggs on top!)
  • Make an Easter card. Post it to a family member or a friend.
  • Sing one of our Easter bonnet songs (Peter rabbit has a fly upon his nose)
  • Have an Easter Egg Hunt. Use positional language to say where you have found the eggs. Take photographs and add a sentence. For example, The egg is behind the tree, The egg is under the bed.
  • Maths activities:
  • Take part in the Joe Wicks work out, every weekday at 9:00 (or just google / search Joe Wicks daily work out) I’ve been doing this every day so get mums and dads involved too!


During this time we know how difficult it is to be away from family members, cousins, grandparents and even friends! What about writing a letter to one of these people? I’m sure it would make there day and certainly make them smile! Any photographs of these letters would be wonderful!


Finally I would like to say a huge


George is turning 5 on the 6th April, hope you have a wonderful day!


Missing you all, stay safe!


Take care and Happy Easter


Miss Molloy, Mrs Capper and Mrs Smith x x